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Ready-Buddy, a Las Vegas-based marketing and video production company producing innovative, effective, beautiful and emotionally compelling content for modern audiences. We offer a dynamic range of video production services, from small budget projects to multi-million-dollar global media campaignsLeveraging our years of industry experience, our team offers the highest quality work imaginable within or under budget.



Ready Buddy will produce films for YouTube and platforms such as NETFLIX. Along with Memorial Entertainment, we will get them filmed, edited and primed for release. Each project will be distributed based on the budget and where the team feels it will be MOST successful.



Ready Buddy will conceptualize and produce the highest quality shows to be placed on YouTube. These shows will vary from drama, action, sports, unboxing and more. The goal is to create content the consumer, client, and casual observer are continually enticed to watch.



Ready Buddy has partnered with Signature Tracks which has a huge catalog of music to be used for special projects, movies and TV shows. Signature Tracks is an award-winning company whose work you’ve probably heard in many of your favorite reality shows!



Ready Buddy has an alliance with Zhoosh, a technology company that develops apps, offers wearables, mobile wallets, and provides ticketing and access control. With this technology, Ready Buddy will deliver integrated special events and enhanced the customer experiences.



Ready Buddy has partnered with Pro Source Media (PSM) to provide printing and manufacturing solutions. PSM has over 100,000 products from flyers and banners to apparel and bags for film premieres, events and more.

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